About me

Rebecca Ward is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of South Wales. She is a developmental psychologist and she teaches on a variety of modules including Developmental Disorders, Research Methods and Statistics, as well as supervising student research projects. She is interested in the linguistic and cognitive impacts of bilingualism, specifically within populations who have language learning difficulties.


Rebecca's research interests broadly relate to language acquisition and bilingualism, with a specific focus on children with developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has conducted research with Welsh-English bilingual children with developmental disabilities. She has collaborated with a number of external partners including the Down Syndrome Association and Learning Disabilities Wales.


Rebecca is also passionate about disseminating research findings with those outside of the immediate academic context, such as parents, teachers and speech and language therapists. She has engaged in several public engagement activities to share information with a range of individuals and organisations.

Contact me

To get in touch, please email rebecca.ward@southwales.ac.uk or use the form below.