About me

Rebecca Ward is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of South Wales. She teaches on a variety of modules including Developmental Disorders, Research Methods and Statistics and supervises Masters Dissertation Projects. Her research interests are broadly related to language acquisition and bilingualism, with a specific focus on children with developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders. This was the topic of her doctoral research, which was the first piece of research to investigate bilingualism in Welsh-English speaking children with Down syndrome. She is passionate about disseminating research findings with those outside of the immediate academic context and she has engaged in several public engagement activities to share information with a range of individuals and organisations.

Prior to her current role, she worked as a Lecturer and Tutor at Swansea University, and as a Lecturer in Psychology at Bangor University. She also held a Senior Research Assistant position at the University of South Wales. Her main focus in this research role was to develop a training package in partnership with third sector organisations to increase awareness of a condition called Alcohol-Related Brain Damage. The focus of this project was to utilise research findings in a novel way to inform practice within the health and social care sector.

Contact me

To get in touch, please email rebecca.ward@southwales.ac.uk or use the form below.